Posted On: May 14, 2013 by Alpert Schreyer

Charges Dropped against Anne Arundel County Teacher

Courtesy of, charges of felony solicitation against a former Anne Arundel County teacher have been dropped. However, the former high school teacher remains charged with exchanging naked pictures with a student. The teacher worked with Anne Arundel County students for seven years before becoming allegedly too close to a Broadneck High School senior. She taught English, was an advisor for student government, and also a girls’ basketball coach. Three of her years teaching in Anne Arundel County were spent at North County High and four at Broadneck High.

According to charging documents, the relationship began in 2010 when the teacher asked the victim if he would send her naked pictures of himself. If he would do so, she would send pictures of herself to the student. Police acted on an anonymous tip. Once the allegation was made, the spokesman for Anne Arundel County Public Schools said the teacher was removed from the classroom.

The Broadneck High School principal, in a statement to the news media after the arrest took place, said that he was sad that this situation could cast a shadow on the school when invaluable work is going on every day on the part of students, teachers, staff, and parents. Broadneck High is part of a community who support students in their efforts to achieve excellence.

The teacher, who is still charged with a misdemeanor, has resigned from her position.
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