Posted On: November 18, 2011

Drug Dealer Receives 10 Year Prison Sentence for Cocaine Possession in Worcester County

A convicted drug dealer was sentenced to 10 years in prison this week for cocaine-related charges. Stemming from a March arrest in Worcester County, the 27-year-old Maryland resident (who has a prior drug charge for crack cocaine possession) was found guilty of cocaine possession with intent to distribute.

The Maryland State Police arrested the man earlier this year when, after a short chase, police officers found the man in possession of a large plastic bag with three smaller bags containing crack cocaine. At the time, the suspect fled his car to try avoiding law enforcement, but the vehicle was never placed in park; the moving car eventually hit a rail guard on Route 113. A later inspection of the car produced even more drugs.

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Posted On: November 9, 2011

18-Year-Old Man Arrested for Pasadena, MD Burglary

According to The Baltimore Sun, an 18-year-old male resident of Pasadena, Maryland was arrested this past Saturday for suspected burglary. After responding to a call from neighbors, Anne Arundel County officers found the young suspect knocking on the door of a Leeds Drive home and peering into the windows. The suspect was arrested after climbing back over the backyard fence of the home and drugs were found in the suspect’s possession. Police officers found the back sliding glass door of the home open and items in the house “disturbed.”

The companion of the arrested man remains at large and is described as being approximately 18 years old and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. The suspect is charged with first, third, and fourth degree burglary, as well as possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

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Posted On: November 1, 2011

Maryland Court of Appeals Decides on Robbery Appeal

The Baltimore Sun reports that the Maryland Court of Appeals has sent a case back to Baltimore County Circuit Court after they found that there was insufficient evidence to convict a man of robbery. The conviction stems from an incident that occurred in 2006 when the convicted man allegedly walked into a Jiffy Lube and told the clerk to “don’t say nothing.” Although the man did not brandish a weapon, the clerk immediately handed the man the money in his till and reported a robbery.

The man was convicted of robbery and, based on his two prior felony robbery convictions, was sentenced to 25 years without the possibility of parole. The man appealed his sentence and argued that the evidence was not sufficient to support his third felony robbery conviction. The judges on the appeals court discussed what robbery actually means and came to the conclusion that an ordinary, reasonable person would not have felt apprehension that the suspect was about to apply force since he did not use a weapon or make any threats. The judges ruled that something more than the man’s statement is needed to meet the legal standard for robbery.

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