Posted On: July 29, 2010

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Additional Three Million Bottles of Over-the-Counter Medications

Johnson & Johnson announced on Thursday, July 8, 2010 that it would recall about three million bottles of Tylenol and various other over-the-counter drugs. According to Reuters, the Thursday recall involves 21 medications, including Tylenol for children and adults, Motrin and several kinds of Benadryl. This is Johnson & Johnson’s third recall in the past six months.

Media is overwhelmed by the series of recalls as Johnson & Johnson has released limited information on the number of affected bottles. On June 15, the company had recalled four lots of Benadryl and one lot of Extra Strength Tylenol. Nearly a month later, it disclosed that the bottle count totaled 500,000 for the June 15 recall.

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Posted On: July 27, 2010

Maryland Moped Driver Killed in Two-Car Crash

On Sunday, July 5, 2010, a 24-year-old man driving a moped was killed in a collision with a pick-up truck, according to The Washington Post. The 45-year-old woman driving the pick-up truck was not injured. The moped driver had been traveling east on Tamar Drive while the pick-up truck driver was turning left from the westbound lane. Howard County police are still investigating the crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that there were 33,963 fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents in 2009. Although this estimate carries an 8.9% decrease from 2008 estimates, motor vehicle accidents are still a leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 35.

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Posted On: July 22, 2010

Teenage Girl Dies in Maryland Rear-End Collision

On Tuesday, July 13, 2010, a 16-year-old girl from Leonardtown was killed in a Maryland car accident. According to, she had been driving southbound on Point Lookout Road near St. Andrew’s Church Road when another vehicle struck the rear of her car, causing the victim’s vehicle to spin out into the northbound lane of traffic where it was struck a second time.

An ambulance arrived at the scene and took the teenager to St. Mary’s Hospital for serious injuries before her ultimate death. Officials indicated that driver speed and alcohol did not contribute to the accident. No other news has been released at this time regarding the incident.

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Posted On: July 20, 2010

19-Year-Old Man DUI Suspect Flees MD Police in High-Speed Chase

A 19-year-old man driving a Ford Explorer fled Maryland State Troopers and was chased by several police vehicles at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. The pursuit ended when the man crashed into another vehicle on Route 50 in Dorchester County on Sunday, July 4, 2010. He had been suspected of drunk driving.

According to ABC7News, six people, including the fleeing driver, in two vehicles were injured and taken to Eastern Shore hospitals. The two passengers in the alleged drunk driver’s vehicle were treated and released from the hospital.

The Maryland State Trooper had pulled over the 19-year-old man after witnessing several unsafe driving behaviors. After pulling him over, the Trooper noticed a strong smell of alcohol and asked the driver to step out of the vehicle. Instead of complying with the officer's request, the driver accelerated, instigating the chase.

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Posted On: July 8, 2010

Frederick County Three-Car Crash Injures One

On June 14, 2010 a three-vehicle collision occurred in the afternoon that left one person seriously injured. According to the article on, the accident happened in Frederick County near Haywood Road. The collision involved two cars and one tractor-trailer. Officials arrived on scene shortly after the accident.

Authorities say that one car attempted to make a left-hand turn, but then collided with another car and tractor-trailer when he attempted to switch back into the northbound lane on Route 15. One person was injured as a result of the accident. The injured party will likely be okay, but examinations will be issued in order to rule out any internal injuries.

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Posted On: July 6, 2010

Teen Found Guilty in Baltimore Shooting

A teenage boy was found guilty on June 15, 2010 of shooting a five-year-old child in the head while she was crossing the street according to The incident occurred last July in southwest Baltimore and has left the young girl permanently disabled. The accused allegedly used the gun to diffuse a dispute that had occurred between himself, his girlfriend, and a third party. The teen was convicted despite skepticism that he was not the one that pulled the trigger.

Authorities recovered video footage from local security cameras that showed the defendant pulling the trigger, though it was argued that someone else was at fault. The jury deliberated for three consecutive days before reaching a verdict, and found the teen guilty of both first and second degree attempted murder. He has been sentenced to life plus 30 years with a possibility of parole. Some argue that this is a harsh sentence for a crime that did not involve any casualties.

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Posted On: July 1, 2010

CPSC Fireworks Injuries Warning for Independence Day

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, several Maryland residents have already begun celebrating with fireworks and other devices. While a patriotic spirit is not out of the question, far too many citizens disregard safety when it should be their main concern if utilizing these potentially dangerous objects. A new study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reveals that fireworks-related incidents were responsible for two deaths in 2009 and approximately 9,000 emergency room visits for injuries. According to the CPSC, throughout the 30 days near last year’s holiday, about 6,000 injuries involving fireworks were reported in which half of the injuries related to firecrackers, bottle rockets, and sparklers.

Consumers below the age of 20 are the most susceptible to fireworks injuries; however, the risk of serious injury or even death still presents itself to anyone within close range of fireworks. Some common fireworks injuries and hazards include:

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Posted On: July 1, 2010

D.C. Bus Accident Hospitalizes 20 People

On Tuesday, June 10, 2010, a minor collision between a passenger vehicle and a bus injured about 20 people. The accident occurred during the early morning hours on I-395 southbound in Washington, D.C. near Maine Avenue. According to The Washington Post, the Metro bus had been carrying mostly teenage passengers. Several lanes on southbound I-395 were closed during the incident. No one was seriously injured.

Vehicle related accidents occur every day and at an alarming rate. They are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 35, and the leading killer for Americans of all ages. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration estimates that about 40,000 people die each year in car accidents, costing over $150 billion dollars in damages.

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