Posted On: June 30, 2010

Human Trafficking Crimes Increase in the District

The Washington Examiner recently reported that human trafficking in the form of “sex slaves” and “unpaid workers” has become a thriving crime industry in Washington, D.C. Four recent incidents, including a pimp selling his twelve-year-old foster daughter for sex, multiple pimp arrests, teenage prostitution, and underpaying illegal immigrants, have lead officials to believe that Washington D.C sex crimes are growing.

Human trafficking constitutes the recruitment, harboring, transport, or sale of another human for exploitive purposes, such as forced or underpaid labor or sex slavery. New laws in both Maryland and D.C. have aided government officials in understanding the scope of these crimes. However, some politicians fear that these crimes will spread to Virginia.

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Posted On: June 24, 2010

Maryland Crime at an All-Time Low

In 2009, Maryland recorded fewer violent crimes since 1979, including an all-time low occurrence of overall crime, according to the Washington Post. Other key measures indicated that the likelihood that a resident will fall victim to rape, violent assault, murder or robbery has lowered significantly, resulting in an expectation that Maryland will drop from the nation’s top ten most dangerous states list. Should Maryland fall from this list, it would be the first time in over two decades.

In 1975, Maryland incurred a total of 242,207 crimes. Last year, Maryland had 33,614 reported violent crimes with a total of 215,878 crimes, a five percent and eight percent decline, respectively, from 2008. Also reported were 27 fewer killings, which added to a twelve percent drop in Maryland homicides.

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Posted On: June 21, 2010

Toyota Halts Sale of Lexus Vehicles Due to Defective Steering

Toyota Motor Corporation has stopped sales of all 2010 Lexus LS600h and Lexus LS 460 models due to problems with the power steering and announced a recall for the two models, according to Apparently, the electric power steering of these vehicles causes a temporary off-center condition of up to 90 degrees for about five seconds before sliding back to normal position. This condition is said to occur after turns, when the steering wheel is in lock position, full left or right. About 3,800 Lexus vehicles in the U.S. have been affected by the recall.

The officials at Lexus recommend that owners of these vehicles should not spin the wheel all the way. No accidents and no injuries have been caused as a result of this defect. Regardless, sale of both Lexus models have halted for three weeks while Japanese specialists investigate the problem and find a viable solution.

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Posted On: June 10, 2010

New Maryland General and Limited Power of Attorney Act

By George E. Meng, Esquire

There has been a serious problem with the lack of consistency when Powers of Attorney are presented to banks and other institutions such as title insurance companies and real estate settlement companies. Not infrequently the agent under a Power of Attorney would be informed that the Power of Attorney was not acceptable. There are also problems with people acting under Powers of Attorney doing inappropriate things, some even to the extent of stealing money.

Maryland has passed a new statute that becomes effective October 1, 2010 that attempts to solve many of these problems.

The new statute includes statutory forms for both General Powers of Attorney and Limited Powers of Attorneys and provides that, if a lawsuit has to be filed to force someone to accept it, there can be a request for reasonable attorney fees.

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