Posted On: April 20, 2010 by Alpert Schreyer

Two Sex Offender Bills Clear Maryland's House of Delegates

According to The Daily Times, the Maryland House of Delegates unanimously passed two more bills regarding sex offenders. The bills were passed in the House on March 23, 2010 and will now await Senate approval.

The House Bill 1046 mandates that a judge determines the pre-trial release of sex offenders arrested for any crime. This role was formerly allocated to the district court commissioner. The new bill also requires that the courts have access to an individual's pre-trial RAP sheet (criminal record) so that the judge is informed of past sex offenses and other crimes.

The second bill, House Bill 936, brings Maryland law into compliance with the federal Adam Walsh Act, which establishes a comprehensive national system for the registration of convicted sex offenders. House Bill 936 adds its own provisions to require homeless sex offenders, offenders convicted of indecent exposure and child pornography and offenders who repeatedly abuse children under the age of 14 to register on the Maryland registry. In addition, the bill expands the required information given on the sex offender registry to include places of employment, other residences and a clear description of their past crime.

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