Posted On: March 31, 2010

Howard County DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys

Located right between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Howard County, Maryland is one of the most affluent counties in the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With a population of approximately 269,457 residents as of 2005 estimates, Howard County is 252 square miles in size, and holds the distinction of being the only county in the state of Maryland that is entirely enclosed by land. Its county seat is Ellicott City, and Howard County, due to its close proximity to Baltimore, is considered a part of the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

Areas such as Howard County are often brimming with motorists, and as such, arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) are not uncommon. However, just because an individual has been accused of DUI in Howard County, it does not mean that the individual is actually guilty of such an accusation. Numerous factors come into play in any Maryland DUI case, and all factors need to be carefully examined in order to ascertain the most accurate picture of the events that transpired during the alleged instance of DUI.

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Posted On: March 30, 2010

Semi Kills Husband, Seriously Injures Wife

On February 26, 2010 at approximately 11:20 p.m., a semi traveling along I-95 struck a husband and wife standing on the side of the interstate. According to a Baltimore Sun article, the couple had been traveling in separate vehicles along the highway when they pulled over and exited along the side of the highway. Investigators are unclear as to why the couple pulled over.

Based on the article, the 38-year-old husband, driving a Dodge Charger, exited his vehicle and reportedly went to meet his 39-year-old wife who was standing outside of her Dodge Durango along the northbound lanes of I-95 in Harford County. State police report that a tractor-trailer drove by and struck the couple while they stood together on the side of the roadway.

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Posted On: March 29, 2010

Charles County DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys

Part of the Washington Metropolitan Area, Charles County is located in southern Maryland and houses a population of 140,444 residents according to 2007 estimates. While Charles County has a total land area of 643 square miles, 182 square miles is water and 461 square miles is land. In addition, Charles County has a population density of 303 residents per square mile (also as of 2007 estimates). The county seat of Charles County, La Plata, is home to the College of Southern Maryland.

Being a major part of the Washington Metropolitan Area, Charles County is no stranger to vehicular traffic entering into and leaving county limits. Consequently, accusations of driving under the influence (DUI) are common, and many residents and visitors may find themselves facing charges that they are not in fact guilty of. A good course of action for a motorist facing a Charles County DUI charge is to retain the services of a skilled defense attorney that has the experience and know-how to aggressively combat such charges, protecting the rights of the motorist in the process.

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Posted On: March 25, 2010

68-Year-Old Woman Dies in Two-Car Crash

On Sunday March 14, 2010, a 68-year-old woman died after sustaining serious injuries from a two-car accident on Route 15 in Frederick County, Maryland. Maryland State Police indicated that a pickup truck did not stop at the Mountville Road traffic light and rear-ended a Dodge Caravan. According to an article posted on, both drivers and the five passengers in the van were injured. The 68-year-old woman was initially brought to Washington County Hospital and then airlifted to Shock Trauma. She died later that day in the hospital. Charges are currently pending against the pickup truck driver, a 31 year-old man from Virginia.

By law, drivers are responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur as a result of their own negligence. Not abiding traffic laws, such as running a red light, often falls under this category. Personal injury claims in Maryland as well as wrongful-death lawsuits may ensue. Automobile accidents are the leading killer for Americans of all ages. Survivors of accidents may have serious, life-long injuries and sustain emotional trauma.

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Posted On: March 24, 2010

Calvert County DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys

Located in Southern Maryland, Calvert County houses a population of about 86,000 (as of 2004 estimates) and has the city of Prince Frederick as its county seat. As one of the several counties that make up the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, Calvert County has a land area of 215 square miles, and a total area of 345 square miles. Originally known for its farmland, Calvert County is now known as an exurb, meaning that residents commute into larger metropolitan areas for work opportunities. With so many residents commuting into and out of Calvert County, it is no wonder that instances of DUI and DWI affect so many motorists on the road.

Maryland saw more than 24,000 arrests made for DUI in 2007. However, not all motorists accused of driving under the influence are guilty. The circumstances surrounding a DUI charge in Calvert County need to be carefully examined in order to determine as accurately as possible what in fact happened. A good course of action for an individual facing such charges is to retain the services of an experienced Calvert County DUI defense attorney who will mount a strong defense.

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Posted On: March 23, 2010

Family of Deceased Bicyclist Files $5 Million Lawsuit

According to a Baltimore Sun article, on August 4, 2009, a 67-year-old man was traveling south by bicycle along Baltimore’s Maryland Avenue when he became entangled in the rear wheels of a truck. The man was run over and killed as the vehicle turned right on Lafayette Avenue in the Charles North neighborhood. The driver of the fully loaded fuel tanker failed to stop, although investigators do not believe the driver was aware of the accident. The cyclist died at the scene.

The civil suit, filed March 3, 2010 on behalf of the victim’s family, alleges negligence on the part of the driver and his employer, a local demolition, excavation and equipment rental company. The wrongful-death lawsuit seeks compensatory damages of $5 million.

The victim’s attorney claims that the driver is to blame due to surveillance video that shows the driver failing to signal as he makes the right turn. He also contends that the driver failed to make sure the area was clear and free of cyclists and pedestrians before turning right.

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Posted On: March 22, 2010

Bethesda DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys

According to Forbes magazine, Bethesda, Maryland ranks first as the most educated small town in the nation. An unincorporated area with no official boundaries, Bethesda has a population of about 59,000 as of July 2007 estimates, and measures only 13.2 square miles in size. Located just Northwest of Washington D.C., Bethesda is no stranger to many people traversing its roads and highways each year.

In 2007, there were a total of 24,230 DUI arrests made in Maryland. With such an influx of travelers coming and going, accusations of driving while under the influence are bound to affect Bethesda motorists. In the event that a motorist is accused of DUI in Bethesda, it is usually in the motorist’s best interest to retain the services of an experienced defense attorney who will examine every detail surrounding the motorist’s arrest, ensuring that a strong defense is mounted on their behalf.

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Posted On: March 18, 2010

Maryland Passes Harsher Laws Regarding Sex Offenders

On Friday, March 12, 2010, Maryland legislators moved to toughen laws regarding sex offenders. According to an article on the Baltimore Sun, harsher terms will include truth-in-sentencing provisions for violent and repeat offenders, longer supervision after prison and an expansion of the state’s public registry. The House Judiciary Committee, a government organization that deals with crime legislation, approved seven out of the 75 bills introduced in order to address sex offenses.

"This will have a serious impact on sex offenders in the state," said House Judiciary Chairman, Joseph F. Vallario Jr.

Most adult and juvenile violent and repeat sex offenders, including first- or second-degree rape or other similar sex offenses will be required to have lifetime supervision in addition to having to register as a sex offender in Maryland and being added to Maryland’s existing sex offender registry. Some feel that lifetime supervision is a misnomer as offenders can seek an end to the supervision after five years if trained supervisors and a judge agree to it. The degree of supervision has not been allocated and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Posted On: March 17, 2010

Anne Arundel County DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys

Anne Arundel County has approximately 500,000 inhabitants and its county seat is Annapolis (which is also the capital of Maryland). As a part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area along the Chesapeake Bay, Anne Arundel County is often referred to as the “land of pleasant living”. Anne Arundel County covers over 534 miles of coastline and is well-known for its rich heritage, closeness to Baltimore and Washington, D.C., water sports, fishing, boating, and swimming. Due to the vast amount of visitors and residents taking to the roads and highways throughout Anne Arundel County, it is not surprising that, every year, many arrests are made for driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while impaired (DWI).

Being charged with DUI or DWI in Anne Arundel County does not mean that a person is guilty or that he or she will be convicted. Nevertheless, a test displaying a BAC of 0.07 will get you criminally charged with DWI in Maryland, and a BAC of 0.08 or more may contribute to a more serious charge of DUI in Maryland. However, test results are not full-proof and an officer who arrests you for driving drunk may not know whether you were actually drunk, what other circumstances may have been applicable, or how safely you were driving.

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Posted On: March 16, 2010

Woman Accused of Smuggling Drugs into Maryland Prison

According to a recent story, a 23-year-old woman from Glen Burnie was arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs into Roxbury Correctional Institution in Hagerstown, Maryland while visiting an incarcerated inmate. The report states that after receiving an anonymous tip, Police used drug sniffing dogs to catch the woman who turned over four latex balloons containing marijuana and heroin to authorities.

The suspect reportedly had two young children with her, both of whom were immediately handed over to social services following the incident. The young woman has six drug charges against her and as a consequence, faces a maximum of 36 years in prison and $68,000 in fines.

Under Maryland law, possession or use of any amount of marijuana is punishable by jail time and hefty fines. Heroin, a Schedule I narcotic, merits some of the most severe punishments in the criminal justice system.

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Posted On: March 15, 2010

Annapolis DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys

The city of Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and is the county seat of Anne Arundel County. Located along the Chesapeake Bay at the opening of the Severn River, Annapolis has an estimated population of 36,524. Annapolis is not only a bustling part of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, but is also home to St. John’s College and the United States Naval Academy. As it is in many other large cities, Annapolis residents and visitors may experience arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while impaired (DWI).

Being arrested for DUI or DWI in Annapolis can be an intimidating process that often leaves individuals feeling weighed down and confused about their legal rights. This is only one of many reasons why those arrested for DUI and DWI may benefit from having an experienced Annapolis DUI defense attorney on their side.

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Posted On: March 11, 2010

Homeless Man Killed in Ellicott City Train Accident

A 41-year-old homeless man was struck and killed by a train in Ellicott City, Maryland on February 4, 2010. Based on a news article from, Howard County Police were called to the scene after the train engineer reported striking someone laying on the tracks. According to reports, the engineer saw the unknown object on the tracks, but was unable to stop the train in time to avoid collision. The train accident in Ellicott City occurred about a half-mile from the end of Maryland Ave. The man was declared dead at the scene when police arrived.

Police do not suspect foul play in this train collision. Detectives found alcohol in the man’s backpack, and reported an odor of alcohol on him. The man may have been sleeping or passed out on the tracks when he was struck. However the accident is still under investigation.

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Posted On: March 9, 2010

Two Men Arrested for Police Evasion, Drugs and Outstanding Warrant

Police in Cambridge, Maryland arrested two men on February 10, 2010 after they attempted to elude police during a traffic stop. According to news reports, when officers attempted to stop a vehicle for driving against a state of emergency order issued due to severe weather, the driver failed to pull over and attempted to elude the officers. Fortunately for police, when the driver turned from Washington Street onto St. Clair Avenue, his car became stuck in the snow. Three individuals then jumped from the vehicle and proceeded to flee on foot. The officers were able to catch and arrest both the driver and the front seat passenger.

The arresting officers found 22.3 grams of marijuana on the floor of the front passenger’s seat. The driver, a 22-year-old from Rhodesdale, was driving on a suspended driver’s license. In addition, the front seat passenger, a 25-year-old from Cambridge, was wanted on an outstanding warrant for 13 counts of animal cruelty. Both face multiple charges, and are being held at Dorchester County Detention Center.

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Posted On: March 4, 2010

Hanover Man Possibly Struck by Train Undergoes Multiple Surgeries

According to a recent news article, on December 13, 2009 a 21-year-old man woke up seriously injured on the train tracks dividing Anne Arundel and Howard Counties in Maryland. The man was dehydrated with a pounding headache, had torn pants, was wearing one shoe and his legs were throbbing in pain. The last thing he remembered was doing the “Cha Cha Slide” at his company’s Christmas party and claims that he has no idea how he ended up on the train tracks.

Unable to walk, the man reportedly dragged himself along the rail-bed for several hours before crawling down the embankment to Dorsey Rd. before sunrise. Upon finding a passerby, he explained that he was struck by a train, and was eventually taken to Baltimore Washington Medical Center before being transferred to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

Reports indicate that the man and his family live near Ohio Avenue which runs parallel to the railroad tracks used by CSX, Amtrak and MARC trains, and that the area has no fence or railing to prevent someone from walking onto the tracks. Howard County police walked the tracks looking for clues, but only found the man’s missing shoe about 50 feet south of the train station.

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Posted On: March 2, 2010

New Bill Proposes DUI Plates for Repeat Offenders

Based on an article from, a proposed bill would require residents of Maryland who are convicted of three or more DUIs to have a special yellow license plate that reads “DUI.” The Prince George’s County lawmaker backing the bill feels that drivers should be aware of repeat Maryland DUI offenders on the road.

The bill would also mandate the plates for five years following the third DUI conviction. Maryland officials indicated that there are 2,029 drivers in the state who would be required to have the plates should the bill pass. Officials from AAA mid-Atlantic told members of the House Judiciary Committee that other states have recently been adopting similar measures.

Similar bills have been proposed in the past, but have failed to win approval. Many still feel that this bill could have embarrassing and excessive repercussions for those convicted of multiple DUIs. The new bill could also make it difficult for those with the DUI license plate to find employment and could lead to unnecessary social alienation.

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