Posted On: December 10, 2009

Doctor Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison for Providing Prescriptions over the Internet

According to an article from, a Virginia doctor has been sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison for allegedly writing tens of thousands of prescriptions for muscle relaxants and other drugs. Apparently, the doctor provided these prescriptions over the Internet and did not meet or examine any of the patients. In addition to the seven counts held against him for introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce, the doctor was also charged with four counts of tax evasion. He pleaded guilty to all the charges against him.

The doctor was also sentenced in the city of Boston’s federal court to three years of probation following release from his one-year sentence. Based on the article, prosecutors argued that between 2004 and 2007, the doctor gave out about 50,000 to 100,000 prescriptions based on forms refined for online pharmacies. He was reportedly paid $5 to $7 per prescription and never reported this income to the IRS.

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Posted On: December 8, 2009

Driver Involved in Baltimore County School Bus Accident Injured

There is no question that the safety of children is a daily concern of parents, teachers, and anyone responsible for taking children into their care. School bus drivers in particular base their career on ensuring that children are transported to and from school without experiencing any danger or harm. Part of a school bus driver’s job is to uphold this important responsibility. Although it may not be as obvious, motorists of all vehicles on the road must take the well-being of children into consideration as well, particularly when a child is crossing the street, riding a bike, or is a passenger on a bus or in a car.

With the above points in mind, a recent accident involving a school bus and a small passenger car sent out ripples of concern amongst parents of Harford students who were traveling to school on the morning of November 11, 2009. According to a article, the school bus transporting the Harford County students to the Maryland School for the Blind was hit by a small passenger vehicle. It was reported that neither the students nor the bus driver were injured, however, the driver of the other vehicle did sustain injury. At the time of this writing no additional information regarding the injured driver has been released.

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Posted On: December 3, 2009

Ocean City Traffic Stop Nets Fugitive

Ocean City police have arrested a 24-year-old Washington D.C. man who was wanted on charges in two Maryland Counties including first-degree assault and armed robbery. According to a report, the suspect was taken into police custody after his identity was discovered during a routine traffic stop.

According to the article, when the suspect, Christopher McCray, was pulled over in a traffic stop by the Ocean City Police, he allegedly gave the officers a false name and birth date. However, the officers were later able to determine that the man had two existing warrants for his arrest including failure to appear for a court date in St. Mary's County and for first-degree assault and armed robbery in Prince George's County. In addition, the man now faces charges in Ocean City for driving a vehicle without rear registration illumination, driving without a license, giving a false and fictitious name to police, and other traffic offenses.

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Posted On: December 1, 2009

Fatal DWI Crash Leads to Sentence of 1-3 Years in State Prison

According to a recent article, a 24-year-old former all-star basketball athlete has been sentenced to one to three years in a state prison for causing a drunken driving accident in New York that killed her friend, Lisa Marie Mornay. Meghan Wood, a 24-year-old former basketball player and leading scorer her senior year at Loyola College in Maryland, was sentenced on November 4, 2009.

The New York State Judge handling the case could have sentenced Wood to five years "shock" probation in which she would serve the first six months in jail but he wanted his sentence to be a deterrent to others who would drive drunk. At her sentencing, Supreme Court Justice Lester Adler chastised Wood saying, “You endangered every single person on the road that morning. I can’t forget that; I can’t put that out of my mind.”

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