Posted On: November 24, 2009

Maryland Library Theft Ring: 12 Charged with Stealing Books Worth $87K

A recent report discussed the arrest of twelve people for being alleged participants in a library theft ring in Maryland. According to the article, police discovered the suspects by tracking overdue books, uncollected fines and missing hardbacks worth thousands of dollars on the Internet. It appears to Police that all twelve suspects played a role in the alleged library theft ring. The twelve suspects allegedly checked out expensive library books, failed to return them, and then sold them online or to used book stores. The value of the 822 stolen library books amounted to more than $87,000.

Police stated that the library book thefts began in November 2008 and went undetected for so long due to each library system allowing up to 75 books to be checked out simultaneously. In addition, prosecutors believe that the ring began checking out books in Prince George’s County Library and then made its way to Harford, Baltimore, Baltimore City, and Carroll counties.

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Posted On: November 20, 2009

Insufficient Evidence Leads to Dismissal of Prostitution Charges

According to a article, prostitution charges have been dropped against a man from Patterson Park, Maryland due to insufficient evidence. Apparently, two women accused of being prostitutes refused to testify against the defendant. Since no other witnesses were available, and due to additional information and evidence not being strong enough to stand on its own without witness testimony, the charges were dropped. In relation to this case, the Assistant State’s Attorney stated, “The evidence was insufficient to proceed with the charges.”

In the beginning, the man’s case was introduced to the public as one that was full of insurmountable evidence. Such claims can make the public quickly forget that all people are innocent until proven guilty. This particular situation serves as a reminder that just because a person is arrested for a particular crime, it does not mean that they committed any illegal action.

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Posted On: November 18, 2009

NBA Player Faces Maryland Concealed Weapons Charges

After being arrested for speeding on a motorcycle and carrying multiple weapons, an NBA player was indicted recently on additional weapons and traffic charges related to his September arrest. According to an story, the athlete was riding a motorcycle along the Capital Beltway in Prince George’s County at 10 p.m. while carrying two loaded handguns and a loaded shotgun. A recent addition to the list of concealed weapons being carried by the man included an 8 ½-inch Bowie knife.

The article explains that it is illegal in the State of Maryland to carry concealed weapons and to transport loaded handguns. The misdemeanor charges that this man now faces include:

  • Two counts of carrying a dangerous weapon

  • Two counts of carrying a handgun

  • Two counts of transporting a handgun

  • One count reckless driving

  • One count negligent driving

Each of the weapon counts carries a penalty of up to three years in prison if the athlete is convicted. When the initial charges were filed, the man was facing only two counts of carrying a handgun and with driving in excess of reasonable and prudent speed.

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Posted On: November 3, 2009

Alexandria Ex-Chief of Police Faces Collateral Consequences of a DUI Arrest

In July 2009, a police chief was caught driving drunk in an unmarked city car after being in a fender-bender in Arlington County, according to a Washington Post article. Speaking publically now for the first time regarding his DUI arrest, the former police chief’s story reveals just how serious and all-encompassing DUI consequences can be.

According to the article, the arrested man was with the Alexandria department for about 20 years and served as chief for the last three. One of the most detrimental consequences of his DUI arrest was having to step down from a job that he loved. He also continues to experience the distress and embarrassment of being a man with a criminal record. But that is not all. Recently, when the former Alexandria police chief was on the phone attempting to get a new life insurance policy, he was told, “There’s nothing I can do for you.”

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